EZ Video Productions have been providing video production services in New England for many years. With our team of great professional and experienced videographers we create an amazing visual content, whether it is a Wedding Day Filming or a Promo Video. We work with all our clients individually to meet their needs for 100% and put their ideas and vision into a motion and create a stunning video. 

We provide various videography services, such as:

- the day of the Wedding filming;
- Love Story Video Filming, screen & projector set up during your Reception to stream the Love Story Video; 
- Instant Replay of Ceremony Highlights during the Reception;
- editing of family video & photo archives;
- Birthday Parties Filming
- Social Events Filming
- Promotional Videos Filming
- Video Blogs Filming
- Sport Events Filming
- Short Films and Artistic Projects;
- Storyboarding;
- Scriptwriting.

The creative process of video production and the happy faces of our clients when they see a final product are the main driving forces for what we do.



Video Production has always been my passion! I love seeing our work helping people create beautiful memories and achieve their creative goals. After graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Journalism & Cinema Studies, I was able to put my professional hands-on experience in video production into my future career. 



I have been in the industry for more than 6 years specializing in Production & Pre-Production.  The creative process has always fascinated and thrilled me. I enjoy helping our clients to develop a vision and assisting them all the way until the final product is finished!

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